Rental Rates & Charges

Pointalls offer plotholders a wonderful location and first class amenities as well as great value.

From January 2018 our charges are:

  • Annual rent £9.35 per pole
  • Rent for seniors is £6.05 per pole
  • Annual water rate £1.70 per pole
  • Association subscriptions £2.50

Plotholders become Members of Pointalls Allotments Limited.

We have vehicle and pedestrian access gates at both entrances to our site. Security is important to us and we keep the gates locked at all times.

  • Plotholders are issued with a key for which we charge a refundable deposit of £25.00

What is a plot size?

  • Our plots range from 4 to 12 poles
  • Traditionally allotments are measured in poles (also known as rods or perch)
  • A pole is usually 5.5×5.5 yards equivalent to 30.5 sq yards or 25.3 sq metres.