Burning and Composting

Allotment gardening is a good reason to get out into the fresh air, give yourself some exercise and grow good wholesome vegetables and fruit. The spin off from lighting many individual fires; smoke, particles and odours conflicts with the healthy and enjoyable attributes of working an allotment plot. We are mindful of the harmful and nuisance effects on the environment, health and personal safety plus the damage to the ground under and around fires from chemicals and heat produced by fires.

At Pointalls we are pleased to be one of the growing numbers of allotment sites to restrict burning and offer advice on practical alternatives.

Why not therefore return the nutrients locked up in plants (and many weeds) to the soil through burying or composting to produce your very own soil conditioner and mulching material. If absolutely necessary permitted waste materials can be taken to our dedicated fire site. If you have no time to deal with these options, take unwanted materials home and dispose of in the council supplied green waste bins.

We will be holding an annual composting workshop on site. Not just for our new or less experienced plotholders but open to all, to share ideas with practical examples of what and how to successfully compost plants and waste materials.  Interested? Simply send us an email to say you are interested and we will be in touch.

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