New Products Now On Sale

We have increased our range and choice of essential gardening products available from the Trading Shed. For the latest product/price list click on the Allotment Information page, go to the Trading Shed dropdown and download the price list. Recent new additions include 60 litre bags of Hortons Farmyard Manure (great for soil conditioning and mulching) and 40 litre bags of Clover Ericaceous Compost (a must for blueberries).

Annual General Meeting – 25th April 2017

Please come along and join in our meeting. This will be the 1 st Annual General Meeting of Pointalls Allotments Limited and will take place on Tuesday 25 h April 2017. The time is 8pm and the venue is the main hall of St Paul’s Church, Long Lane, Finchley N3.

Whilst this is the very first AGM under our new company status we will be looking back at the 93 rd and last AGM of the former Pointalls Allotments Society as we review the minutes of that AGM as well as the two Special General Meetings which were held last year.

All Members’ will be most welcome.

New products available now from the Trading Shed

We have some excellent new products to tell you about and they are now in stock at the Trading Shed. As always we aim to offer plot holders prices less than those of retail/online outlets for the same or comparable items.

Clover Multipurpose compost. In response to requests for a lighter weight bag we now stock the 60ltr size. Same high quality contents and only £4.00 per bag.

Clover Ericaceous compost. Some of the finest fruits come from acid-loving berries such as blueberry, cranberry, lingonberry and bilberry varieties; this compost is not just for rhododendrons, camellias, azaleas and heather’s as all grow naturally in acidic soils. Our new 40ltr bags of top quality ericaceous are only £4.00 each. As ericaceous will gradually lose its acidity as it mixes with the soil below keep a bag handy to top up throughout the season.

Vitax Garden lime granules. This is an easy to use product having all the advantages of pellets, yet dispersing readily soon after application. Granular lime neutralises acid soils, improves drainage and eliminates some conditions which damage brassica crops. Available in an easy to store and convenient 3kg pack at only £4.00 each.

Pointalls Potato fertiliser. A reminder that this fantastic value potato fertiliser is available at only £2.00 for a generous bagful. Use it throughout the potato growing season to add nutrients to soil and improve your yield of potatoes.

Agralan Slug killer pellets. Suitable for use with all edible and non-edible crops our new larger size 575g pack for only £4.50.

Agralan Fly/bug traps with hangers. Each pack of this improved product now contains 7 x sticky double sided traps for only £3.50 per pack.

To view our full range of products go to the allotment information page, trading shed dropdown and click on download price list.

Potatoes ready for collection


Orders for seed potatoes plus a free sample pack of potato fertiliser with every order are now ready for collection.



Available now Sturon onion sets @ £1.00 per pack (approx 70 sets).


Plus – Special Offer

Need more fertiliser to help boost your potato yield?

Purchase 1kg packs of potato fertiliser.

Great value @ £1.00 each.


Collect and Buy from the Trading Shed.

Open Sundays’ between 10am & 12 noon.

We are now Pointalls Allotments Limited

We are happy to post this recent message from our Chair to all plotholders.

I am very pleased to tell you that we heard just before Christmas that our application to convert the society to a company limited by guarantee has been approved by the regulators. I would like to thank you all for your support in getting this change approved at the special general meetings. It has been a long process but it should mean simpler and cheaper administration in the future.

Next Year’s Charges and Changes

Invoices for 2017 rental charges will be issued this month along with payment options. As ever we urge all plotholders to make BACS payments directly from bank to bank.

Although there is a small increase our charges are competitive and continue to represent great value. As a ‘self managed’ organisation we are responsible for the full costs of maintaining, developing and investing in the site. This means we have to ensure there are sufficient funds available for future developments and to keep the site running, as well as meet any unplanned maintenance and improvement costs.

Following your overwhelming support to change our status from society to company we are completing the registration process. Our new name is Pointalls Allotments Limited which will appear across our print and media as we finalise registration.

The change process requires us to issue new Pointalls Allotments Limited tenancy agreements and formal applications for membership. These documents will be sent shortly for you to sign and return to us. At the same time you will receive our latest site regulations which have been revised and updated.

Burning Issues

Burning has long been a traditional way of disposing of any awkward materials. At Pointalls our regulations (20 – 23) set out the current position. If burning is necessary we urge all plotholders to make use of our dedicated fire site (plot 7) where controlled burning ensures permitted materials are dealt with quickly and safely. This also ensures we minimise any nuisance from smoke and odours to our community and neighbours.

Many allotment sites now prohibit or restrict burning and plotholders need to find alternative solutions. Recently a National Allotment Society expert produced an article containing useful advice which we reproduce as follows:

A fruitful and productive allotment will not only provide food it will also harbour waste plant material that you can compost and ultimately use to feed nutrients back into the soil. However, woody parts will take longer to break down, while weed roots and seeds may well survive a cold compost heap and care must be taken to limit the further spread of pathogens from diseased elements.

  • Chopping up and smashing woody stems will help with the decomposition process.
  • Perennial weed roots such as dandelions, couch grass and nettles can be drowned in a bucket for four weeks before being added to the compost bin.
  • The liquid can then be diluted and used as plant food.
  • Some diseased materials, for example, fruit with brown rot or stored vegetables that have gone mouldy, can be buried in a trench at least 30cm deep.
  • Plants affected by soil-borne diseases such as club root and white rot and foliage affected by late blight should be disposed off site.
  • Elements blighted by less persistent disease such as mildew can be put in the compost heap.

To find out more go to

Award Presentation

On October 17th Pointalls Allotment Society were presented with the Ted Green Memorial Award Cup.  This award is given by Barnet Allotment Federation to the allotment society showing the most outstanding community initiative. This year recognises our successful hosting of the Barnet Refugee Service Sowing Seeds Project.


Councillor Brian Salinger presenting the Ted Green Memorial Award Cup to representatives of Barnet Refugee Service.

Pointalls Annual Potato Competition 2016 Results

The annual challenge is to grow the heaviest crop and highest yield of potatoes from a row of 3 plants. This year the winning yields were exceptionally large. Our congratulations to Paul and Angie.


firstPaul Castignetti – Winner

Potato variety: Jelly maincrop

Yield: 107lbs (48.5kg)








secondAngie Thomas – Runner-up

Potato variety: Desiree maincrop

Yield: 96lbs (43.5kg)









We would welcome your entry for next year’s potato competition. Look out on the website and notice boards for details of how to enter and how to produce a winning crop.

Pointalls Annual Bonfire

Wayne is once again hosting the Pointalls onsite annual bonfire and fireworks event on Saturday 5th November. Come along and enjoy the occasion which will be located on the communal plot (Frank Derrett Memorial Garden). Bonfire lighting will be at 6.30pm with fireworks at 7.30pm. Please bring along 1 firework and your own drinks. Food will be provided.

44529295 - crowd wathcing fireworks and celebrating


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