April News

Annual General Meeting. To be held on 12th APRIL 2018 at 8pm at St. Pauls Church Hall, 50, Long Lane, London N3 2PU.

This is to notify you that the second Annual General Meeting of Pointalls Allotments Limited is to be held at St. Pauls Church Hall, 50, Long Lane, London, N3 2PU on 12thth April 2018 at 8 p.m. for the purpose of conducting the following business:

To consider and, if thought fit, pass the following as ordinary resolutions:

To approve the minutes of the previous AGM of Pointalls Allotments Limited held 25th April 2017.
To receive the Board’s Annual Report on the Company’s activities.
To receive the annual accounts of the Company for the year ended 31st December 2017.
To reappoint the current Board as directors of the Company.

By Order of the Board

Notes to Members
Any member may appoint a proxy who need not be a member of the Company. Please note that the proxy form must be fully completed in accordance with the given instructions and delivered by the stated deadline or it will be discarded.
If you have mislaid the proxy form sent by post and require a copy please email a request to: secretary@pointalls.org

March News

Agralan moth traps for fruit tree protection

There’s an old joke. “What is worse than finding a maggot in your apple?”
Answer. “Finding half a maggot!”

We recommend protecting your fruit trees using highly effective Agralan traps which are available from our trading shed. The codling moth trap is used to protect apples and pears and the plum moth trap protects plums, damsons and gages.

Each pack contains a trap, wire hanger, 2 lures and 2 sticky inserts. Everything you need for a year including a refill which allows for use of the trap for a second year. At only £6.00 per pack this price is great value as we could not find the same product cheaper either online or in-store. Refills are also available at £5.00 per pack.

Latest price list

For our full range of products and prices click on: https://www.pointalls.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Product-Price-list-February-2018-2.pdf or pick up a copy at the trading shed.

Thank you & Annual General Meeting date

Our thanks for this year’s prompt rental payments. We are also very grateful to all who participated in our survey and submitted completed questionnaires. We will issue full results and comments later this month.

We now have a date and venue for this year’s Annual General Meeting. April 12th, 8pm at St. Paul’s Church Hall. Please make a diary note. Full details and an AGM information pack will be sent to you in good time before the date.

Looking forward to March?

Occasionally in our newsletters we offer a few tips for sowing, planting and jobs on the plot. Given the recent weather and late start to spring we thought this advice (mainly courtesy of Marshalls Seeds) might be appropriate:

Looking forward to March? Tempting as planting is, we’ve just come out of a cold spell so depending on the greenhouse (propagator or window sill) is still important to fall back on if you are keen to sow now. Patience is a virtue that every seasoned grower is aware of so hold back on planting outdoors for the moment and enjoy the comfort of gardening indoors instead and plan for your main outdoor planting session in April and May. Happy Growing.

January News

Seed Potatoes

Plotholders’ orders for seed potatoes are now available for collection from the Trading Shed. Collections can be made on Sundays between 10am & 12noon commencing 4th February. Should you notice the Trading Shed open at any other time, just drop in to collect your order.  This year potatoes are available in new 2kg pre-packs. If you did not place an order we do have a limited stock available to purchase.

Growmore Fertiliser and Multi Purpose Plant Food

Add Growmore to your potato planting area to give your seed potatoes a great start. Growmore is a balanced fertiliser providing major nutrients for strong healthy growth. For advice on how to use just ask at the Trading Shed. Purchase Growmore from the Trading Shed at our really keen prices, £2.00 per 3kg bag or £16.00 per 25kg bulk pack.

Onion Sets

We now have stock of Sturon variety onion sets. Each pack has approximately 60/70 sets for only £1.00 per pack. In addition we have a limited stock of Red Baron variety onion sets, also £1.00 per pack.

How Do I Get An Allotment?

Do you know anyone who may be interested in applying for and taking on an allotment plot? Whether or not they have experience we would be pleased to hear from them. We suggest the first step is to visit our website home page, click on the How Do I Get An Allotment? link and follow the steps to make an application.

Annual Rent & Charges

Just a reminder to plotholders who have yet to pay this year’s invoice that the final date for payment, 31st January, is fast approaching. Our thanks to all plotholders who have paid promptly.

Membership Survey

Thank you to all who completed and returned questionnaires. The response is much larger than we anticipated and will take a little time to analyse. The results will be published in March.

December News

We would like to wish everyone Seasons Greetings and best wishes for the New Year, with an enjoyable time in 2018 gardening on your allotment plot.

In December we will be mailing our annual information pack. This will include invoices for 2018 rental and other charges. If at all possible please make a BACS payment as this reduces the workload of our volunteers and also eliminates the need for over the counter banking, now even more important following recent bank branch closures in the area.

Rents have increased and reflect the cost of administering, maintaining, servicing and investing in our large site of 159 plots and its supporting facilities. Although as a ‘self managed’ organisation we are responsible for funding the full costs of the site we continue to provide great value at keen prices.

We are fortunate in having an open (communal) area in the south east of the site available for the use and enjoyment of all plotholders. We feel though that the area could be more widely used and offer better amenities in the future.

You may have noticed the new housing construction in Nursery Avenue. We are in discussion with the developers to see if additional facilities can be provided when they come to replace the boundary fence.

For environmental, health, safety and comfort reasons we stopped individual bonfires on site and just have the single, communal, managed fire site. We hope that our efforts to encourage composting will reduce the need for burning. We are also looking into developing a green waste recycling project together with other sites which might avoid the need for any burning at all.

Unfortunately we continue to suffer from occasional thefts from the site. As part of a general refurbishment we are looking into projects involving more modern technology to improve site security.

Our site regulations have been updated and are included in the mailing.

To help us prioritise and plan for the future we would like to know more about our plotholders experiences, views and expectations. The mailing includes a membership survey and if you could find a little time to complete the questionnaire your insight will help deliver the means for all members to get the most out of our allotment site.

Changes to Site Regulations…….Security

The Board recently discussed a few issues concerning site security and subsequently decided to add more guidance to the rules relating to gate keys. The latest regulations will be issued with this month’s annual mailing as well as a link being available on our website Allotment Information page.

November News

Dark compost delivery

The next scheduled delivery of dark compost is Monday 4 th December 2017. Delivery will be as usual inside the Nursery Avenue entrance, adjacent to the trading shed. Due to the large size of the delivery vehicle our supplier is unfortunately unable to offload elsewhere on our site. Did you know that?

  • The origin is recycled green waste from household gardens, gardening and landscape contractors, parks, other public areas, nurseries and allotments.
  • Following the recycling process the end product is a low grade dark compost material.
  • The features and benefits include:
  • slow release of nutrient supply
  • helps improve soil structure
  • assists drainage and reduces run off
  • can help plant survival rates
  • reduces soil compaction
  • increases soil micro organisms

Jobs on the plot for November

Do not be deterred by shorter days as there is plenty to do preparing for next year. Here are a few tips and ideas which we hope you will find useful.

Give your soil some attention. When digging incorporate organic matter such as manure or compost which helps control weeds and alters soil properties to improve chances of increased crop yields in the coming year. If your soil has a low pH (soil is acidic) there is a benefit to digging in garden lime to balance the soil condition.

Purchase your supplies of these essential products from our Trading Shed:
60 litres of Horton’s farmyard manure @ £4.00 per bag
60 litres of Clover multipurpose compost @ £4.00 per bag
30 litres of Horton’s top soil @ £4.00 per bag
3kg of Vitax garden lime granules @ £3.50 per pack

An added bonus. Should you purchase a large quantity of these items you will not have to struggle getting them to your plot. Just ask at the Trading Shed and using our electric pallet truck we will deliver your order as close as possible to your plot.

November is a good time to:

  • plant bare root fruit trees and bushes, onions, garlic and rhubarb
  • sow broad beans, cauliflower and winter lettuce
  • plant hardy and colourful winter bedding such as pansies, violas and primulas in pots or hanging baskets

Storage tip. To store root vegetables such as carrots, beetroot, parsnips. Fill a box or planter with dry spent (used) compost and place your vegetables (not touching) in layers. Keep for months in a garden shed or store cupboard.

Security on site

We are evaluating available options to improve site security, your safety and to deter would be thieves. Meanwhile we ask again for everyone to be vigilant and report theft and any suspicious behaviour.  Also, posted on both gates are notices reminding us to deny site access to unauthorised persons and vehicles. We also ask that you do not give your site key to anyone else and if you hire assistance or contractors we suggest they are supervised at all times.

Management Board news

Keep up to date with site activities and developments. From the home page click on management board news and take a look at the key minutes from our regular board meetings.

Tomato and Potato Blight

On site we are currently experiencing blight affecting both tomato and potato crops. Blight is a serious disease of the foliage and fruit or tubers of tomatoes and potatoes which causes rotting. The disease, a fungus, is spread by wind and rain, infecting crops over a large area.

Please check your tomatoes and potatoes for any signs of blight. Also, please check adjacent plots as your neighbours may be away or not have seen our email. We need to help each other in order to prevent further spread of this disease.

Symptoms – Potatoes. First signs are brown patches on the tips and edges of leaves, sometimes with white, fluffy mould underneath. As the leaves wither, stems or haulms develop dark patches and collapse. Underground the potatoes also have dark patches, beneath which the flesh turns reddish brown, slimy and smelly as it rots.
Symptoms – Tomatoes. Leaves develop brown patches, curl up, dry out and die. Stems may also show patches and darken. Fruits turn brown, shrink and rot.

Infected material should be dealt with immediately as follows:

  • Remove and destroy infected foliage and crops
  • Ideally burned. Bag it and take it to the fire site (plot 7)
  • Bag it, take it home and place in your green waste collection bin
  • Please do not compost any diseased material

For more information and advice on dealing with and avoiding blight on your plot we suggest you visit the following websites:

New Products and Price List

New to our trading shed range to help you with those late summer/autumn jobs on your plot we have added Hortons brand of Top Soil. Available in 30ltr bags this specially selected top soil has been screened, sterilised and graded. Suitable for use all around your plot; perfect for adding nutrients to soils and building up raised beds. At only £4.00 per 30ltrs bag our price per litre is lower than most other outlets.

For our complete price list please go to our Allotment Information page, click on trading shed and click on price list. Alternatively, you can obtain a copy from the trading shed.

Order Now – Seed Potatoes Plus New Products and Price List

Now is the time to order next seasons quality seed potatoes at great value and lower prices.
Potatoes are now available in new 2kg pre packs. Orders should be placed at our Trading
Shed from Sunday 27th August until Sunday 24th September. Potatoes available are:

August – Harvest, Sow, Plant and Jobs on the Plot

August is great for harvesting ripe fruit and vegetables, sowing green manures and summer pruning apples and pears. Here are just a few suggestions to help you enjoy your allotment plot:

 Aubergines when fruits turn dark and glossy
 Beetroot lift the roots gently by hand
 Broccoli as the heads grow
 Carrots pull from the ground
 Chillies once the peppers turn from green to red (for most varieties)
 Cucumbers when crunchy and 10cm long
 French Beans pick the pods while still young
 Herbs pick little and often to ensure regrowth
 Onions, Shallots and Garlic once the leaves turn yellow and wilt
 Peas once tender and swelled inside
 Potatoes second early varieties
 Runner beans before they become too long and tough
 Tomatoes once they turn red
 Turnips pull the roots
 Blackberries once the yields are a dark black colour and feel soft
 Blueberries when deep blue
 Pears but taste a few for readiness
 Raspberries when deep red and soft texture

 Broad beans certain varieties can be sown under cloches
 Dwarf beans under cover
 Lettuce winter varieties in modules under cover
 Spinach ‘perpetual’ variety
 Spring cabbage sow into seed beds
 Spring onions winter hardy types
 Green manures to cover empty ground, adding back nutrients, deterring weeds

 Broccoli plant out when 15cm high
 Cauliflower winter and autumn varieties
 Kale transplant for spring harvest
 Cabbages winter varieties

 Summer prune apple and pear trees which help keep their form and remain healthy without congested growth.
 Grow brassicas under insect proof netting and inspect plants regularly for signs of pests
 Damp down greenhouses to raise humidity levels, open vents and doors for ventilation, clean up fallen foliage to reduce spread of diseases

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