Chairman’s message to Plotholders

This has been a difficult year for people in our allotment society as it has been generally for people around the world. It is good though that our site has continued to provide a safe haven to enable people to enjoy fresh air and exercise and of course to grow healthy crops for their families’ consumption.

Sadly, as a result of government restrictions to combat the virus, members have not been able to enjoy the normal level of social interaction on the site. It is though heartening to note the communal spirit evidenced by plotholders helping out neighbours who are in particular difficulties. We would ask members to keep us informed of any neighbours who are having problems. Also, although untended plots can be a nuisance to neighbours we have, in current circumstances, been sympathetic in addressing the problem.

We have, despite the virus, continued to maintain a good level of services including excellent site maintenance and management, regular communications through newsletters and the website, green waste and burning waste disposal and of course a supply of a wide range of products at excellent low prices from our trading shed.

Our allotment site ranks very high in quality and innovation of service provision in surveys conducted by Barnet Allotment Federation and all this is achieved on subscription rates which are low by Barnet standards. Taking account of our current financial position, we are pleased to assist our members further by freezing these rates at their current levels for the coming year.

I hope that, despite the restrictions, you are able to enjoy the coming festive season and trust you will maintain your membership and continue to enjoy the benefits that Pointalls has to offer.

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