Changes to Site Regulations…….Bonfires

The Board has reviewed the rules relating to bonfires on individual plots. The review was carried out:

  • In response to complaints from both neighbours and plotholders
  • The likelihood of such bonfires and resulting smoke causing a statutory nuisance (Environmental Protection Act, 1990) and London Borough of Barnet imposing costly penalties
  • Our concerns for local air quality and the environment

The Board agreed to introduce revised regulations as follows:

21. Bonfires on individual plots are not permitted at any time.

22. Plotholders are encouraged to use the communal burning plot #7 to dispose of permitted materials. This ensures materials are dealt with quickly and safely as well as benefitting the environment and neighbourhood.

23. Permitted materials for the communal burning plot are limited to dry vegetation, bushes and shrubs, untreated and unpainted natural timber and wood (excluding engineered or composite wood of any type), paper and cardboard and tree cuttings.

24. All other waste or surplus materials must be disposed of off-site in a proper manner.

  • We ask all plotholders to observe the above regulations and in particular the list of permitted materials
  • We are fortunate to have a communal burning plot where site management is able to expertly supervise burning under controlled conditions; taking into account factors such as weather, wind direction, appropriate time and days of the week
  • The latest full regulations can be found on our website Allotment Information page; click on Regulations

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