December News

We would like to wish everyone Seasons Greetings and best wishes for the New Year, with an enjoyable time in 2018 gardening on your allotment plot.

In December we will be mailing our annual information pack. This will include invoices for 2018 rental and other charges. If at all possible please make a BACS payment as this reduces the workload of our volunteers and also eliminates the need for over the counter banking, now even more important following recent bank branch closures in the area.

Rents have increased and reflect the cost of administering, maintaining, servicing and investing in our large site of 159 plots and its supporting facilities. Although as a ‘self managed’ organisation we are responsible for funding the full costs of the site we continue to provide great value at keen prices.

We are fortunate in having an open (communal) area in the south east of the site available for the use and enjoyment of all plotholders. We feel though that the area could be more widely used and offer better amenities in the future.

You may have noticed the new housing construction in Nursery Avenue. We are in discussion with the developers to see if additional facilities can be provided when they come to replace the boundary fence.

For environmental, health, safety and comfort reasons we stopped individual bonfires on site and just have the single, communal, managed fire site. We hope that our efforts to encourage composting will reduce the need for burning. We are also looking into developing a green waste recycling project together with other sites which might avoid the need for any burning at all.

Unfortunately we continue to suffer from occasional thefts from the site. As part of a general refurbishment we are looking into projects involving more modern technology to improve site security.

Our site regulations have been updated and are included in the mailing.

To help us prioritise and plan for the future we would like to know more about our plotholders experiences, views and expectations. The mailing includes a membership survey and if you could find a little time to complete the questionnaire your insight will help deliver the means for all members to get the most out of our allotment site.

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