Fire Risks on Site

Fire Alert – BBQs

This week wildfires destroyed homes and swept through grass, agricultural and woodland. It is rare for wildfires to start without some form of human intervention. We are now experiencing a prolonged dry spell without any appreciable rainfall, temperatures frequently above average and intermittent gusts of warm winds.

Our allotment site is vulnerable too with areas of dry grass, vegetation, trees, hedgerows and timber structures making the site a potential ‘tinderbox’. In the event of a fire which would rapidly spread, the neighbouring properties, pasture and railway embankment would also be at considerable risk.

BBQs are one of the main fire dangers where the heat or sparks can easily start fires and get out of control very quickly, potentially causing catastrophic damage. To protect our site and surroundings it is necessary from today to avoid lighting barbecues anywhere on the allotment site. Once weather conditions change and in particular sufficient rainfall to dampen the land it will be possible for barbecues to resume.

Fire Alert – Compost

It is reported that the likely source of the devastating fire in East London started in a compost heap. When compost materials reach excessive temperatures the internal heat causes the contents to smoulder which is a fire hazard. It is good practice to keep the compost heap/bin moist in dry weather which also helps to break down the materials, speed up the process as well as improving the quality of the compost. To limit the possibility of fire please add water.

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