Growing advice

Pointalls Allotments Limited are pleased to provide you with some of our own growing advice. Of course, advice can be such a subjective topic and you may not agree with some of our ideas; indeed if that’s the case, we’ll welcome your feedback.

The information and advice we’ve chosen to share with you includes our recommendations on how to plan and we’ve also looked at the 12-month calendar and have made some suggestions on how you can best use your time during each month throughout the planting and growing year with our monthly jobs list.

It is always good to be aware of pests and diseases that can perhaps be avoided or tackled head on, so take a look at our pests and diseases page to find out if we can help with any of the problems you are encountering.

And we are always reading around our subject and we find some of the gardening magazines and websites particularly useful, so you might like to take a look at our reading tips.

We will make every endeavour to refresh and keep our growing advice pages up to date to help you get the best out of your allotment.

Useful Articles:

Water Use and Sustainable Allotmenteering


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