How to Plan Your Allotment

Helpful hints and tips for how to plan your allotment:-

Sowing Outdoors

  • Soil should be warm, well drained, moist and free from weeds
  • A good tip as to when the soil is warm enough is to watch the weed seedlings
  • Normally when they germinate and emerge you are ok to clear them off and sow your seeds
  • Rake your soil to a fine, crumbly surface
  • Follow the directions on seed packets

Crop Rotation

  • Vegetables should be sown or planted afresh each year
  • Grow them in different places from one year to the next
  • Except a few permanently sited perennials such as artichokes, asparagus, rhubarb
  • Courgettes, squashes, lettuce, spinach can be slotted anywhere
  • This way prevents soil from being exhausted by same crops depleting nutrients
  • Also reduces pests and diseases getting established
  • Think about a 5 year crop rotation plan


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