Heatwave Gardening – Keeping Your Plot Hydrated

Rising temperatures and extended periods of sunshine can wreak havoc on your plot. Keeping on top of watering the plot and greenhouse is an essential task during increased periods of heat. Monday and Tuesday could see temperatures hit 40°C (104F) in some parts of the country, so as the heatwave continues, water your plants early in the morning or late evening and avoid watering during the day particularly between 11am and 4pm. Keep hydrated yourself.

Top heatwave watering tips:

  • Focus on the root area and avoid watering the foliage. Wet leaves are the ideal environment for plant diseases and pests.
  • Invest in quality watering tools – The right watering equipment can help improve your watering schedule. Remember sprinklers not allowed on allotment plots.
  • Potted plants require more watering; aim to water with 10% of the pot volume and use a saucer for reabsorption.


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