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Rumours circulating on site

There have been some strange rumours circulating on site alleging that your board regularly throws people out for non-cultivation. There are of course some people who don’t allow facts to interfere with a good story but for those with a more open mind here is the true position.

Since the beginning of 2015 (a three and a half year period) six plotholders have been asked to leave. One was for theft (caught red handed and on camera). Two were for persistent breach of site regulations where the nature of the offences would have put us in breach of our lease with Barnet Council. In one of these cases there was the additional issue of serious anti-social behaviour.

That leaves three terminations for non-cultivation. Of these:

  • One was a plotholder who did no work on the plot over a three year period;
  • One was a new plotholder who never commenced work on the plot and left it uncultivated over an extended period;
  • One had moved overseas and again left the plot uncultivated over an extended period.

Three terminations for non-cultivation in a three and a half year period on a site with 158 plots hardly constitute mass expulsions!

In all cases, as is our policy, the plotholders were given the opportunity to make representations and in all cases (other than the theft) the termination was after a series of letters giving the plotholder the opportunity to correct the breach.

In all cases the plotholders were given the opportunity to remove their equipment and possessions prior to termination. On a couple of occasions when they didn’t do so we have stored equipment of any value to allow them to collect it later. Sadly on a number of occasions they left a large amount of rubbish (an old washing machine and bed in one case) which we had to subsequently clear at a cost to you the members.

On the general question of plot cultivation, we do not expect plots to be candidates for the Chelsea flower show. However allotments are a scarce resource and we have a waiting list. Also uncultivated plots constitute a nuisance to neighbouring plotholders with weed seeds blowing over. We receive a lot of complaints from such plotholders who say we are not being firm enough. It is difficult to please everyone! We carry out periodic inspections of plots, led by our site manager who is keen for this process to be open and transparent and includes non-board plotholders in his walk round. Where plots are well below standard the plotholder is contacted to discuss a programme to get the plot back up to scratch.
Termination is definitely the last option.

We are always keen to hear the views of our members on cultivation as well as other matters and would be pleased to receive your comments.

Summer BBQ
A reminder that the summer BBQ takes place this coming Sunday (15 th ). Please visit the home page and follow the link for more information.

Latest Price List
Our latest trading shed price list is now available. This includes a number of new products and product updates. Please download a copy by clicking on the following link: https://www.pointalls.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Price-List-July-2018.pdf

Bee’s Needs Week
This week is Bees’s Needs Week where we are asked to consider the plight of bees and what we can do to help. Simply Google Bees' Needs Week for more information.

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