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Pointalls Allotments Limited Management Board meets throughout the year. In addition each year we hold an Annual General Meeting for members (plotholders) and when appropriate we may convene a Special Meeting (SGM) where all members participate to discuss matters of interest. Meeting details are posted on the website, notice boards and communicated to members via email.

Next board meeting: 17th September…

Key Minutes Board Meeting – 22nd February 2018

AGM Minutes – 12th April 2018

Key Minutes Board Meeting – 25th April 2018

Key Minutes Board Meeting – 13th June 2018

Key Minutes Board Meeting – 25th October 2018

Key Minutes Board Meeting – 31st March 2019

Key Minutes Board Meeting – 14th May 2019

Key Minutes Board Meeting – 11th June 2019

Key Minutes Board Meeting – 9th July 2019


Management Board 2019

Brigitte Ascher – Communications

Laura De Benedetti – Lettings

Paul Castignetti – Site Manager

Paul Hendrick – Chair

Ruth Hendrick – Treasurer

Graham Jardine

Peter Johnson – BAF Representative

Jo Keller

Derek McMaster – Secretary & Membership

Chetin Malyali

John Waterhouse – Trading Shed



Pointalls/London Borough of Barnet site lease… here

Articles & Memorandum of Association of Pointalls Allotments Limited


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The Board are always keen to receive your comments, views and helpful suggestions. Post them in the Trading Shed or Squires Lane mailboxes or send an email to or contact any Board member directly.

For feedback from Board meetings please click on the key minute’s link on this page. For further news and information visit our News page.

For complaints please refer to and download our Complaints Handling Procedure and Complaints Form & Summary.

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