March News

Agralan moth traps for fruit tree protection

There’s an old joke. “What is worse than finding a maggot in your apple?”
Answer. “Finding half a maggot!”

We recommend protecting your fruit trees using highly effective Agralan traps which are available from our trading shed. The codling moth trap is used to protect apples and pears and the plum moth trap protects plums, damsons and gages.

Each pack contains a trap, wire hanger, 2 lures and 2 sticky inserts. Everything you need for a year including a refill which allows for use of the trap for a second year. At only £6.00 per pack this price is great value as we could not find the same product cheaper either online or in-store. Refills are also available at £5.00 per pack.

Latest price list

For our full range of products and prices click on: or pick up a copy at the trading shed.

Thank you & Annual General Meeting date

Our thanks for this year’s prompt rental payments. We are also very grateful to all who participated in our survey and submitted completed questionnaires. We will issue full results and comments later this month.

We now have a date and venue for this year’s Annual General Meeting. April 12th, 8pm at St. Paul’s Church Hall. Please make a diary note. Full details and an AGM information pack will be sent to you in good time before the date.

Looking forward to March?

Occasionally in our newsletters we offer a few tips for sowing, planting and jobs on the plot. Given the recent weather and late start to spring we thought this advice (mainly courtesy of Marshalls Seeds) might be appropriate:

Looking forward to March? Tempting as planting is, we’ve just come out of a cold spell so depending on the greenhouse (propagator or window sill) is still important to fall back on if you are keen to sow now. Patience is a virtue that every seasoned grower is aware of so hold back on planting outdoors for the moment and enjoy the comfort of gardening indoors instead and plan for your main outdoor planting session in April and May. Happy Growing.

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