Newsletter May 2019


Pointalls will be holding a plant sale on Sunday 2nd June. The location is next to the trading shed and the Nursery Avenue gates will be open from 10am to 2pm.

All your friends, neighbours and everybody else are invited to stock up on plants and seedlings from our own production. It will be exactly the right time to plant out things like tomatoes, courgettes and beans as the risk of frost will have truly passed.

Please bring along and donate your spare plants and cash as the success of the sale depends on us all. Paul Castignetti (plot 37) is your man as he is organising the event. All funds raised will be used to help make Pointalls an even better place to garden.

Please contribute surplus seedlings and spread the word amongst your friends. Also, any volunteer helpers are most welcome on the day.


Get ready for the kids. On Friday 24th May at 10am a group of little ones will come and visit Pointalls for a fact-finding tour.

The year-5 school children from St. Theresa’s school will be shown around by Laura (plot 9/10) accompanied by Rosa and Daniel from plot 74, whose daughter is in the class.

If you happen to be on site, don’t be shy and give the children your best gardening tips.


At its first meeting last week, the new board of 11 members has found plenty of work on the to-do list. You can find all our names on the website, notice board, trading shed and listed below. Any time you see any of us, please stop to give feedback or just have a chat.

We are working to fulfil our promises to you: establish open meetings for plotholders under the heading ‘Have Your Say’, organise social events, workshops and plant sales, continue the deliveries of woodchip, compost and green waste recycling skips, review site security, improve toilet facilities and investigate new sources of income.

There is a lot to do but the job is made lighter by being spread across more people. In making decisions, we completely rely on your opinions and are planning a new membership survey. In the meantime, feedback is most welcome any time, either in person or in any other way.

Board members in order of plot number:

Plot 9/10: Laura de Benedetti

Plot 14/15: Derek McMaster

Plot 14A: Peter Johnson

Plot 29: Chetin Malyali

Plot 29A: Graham Jardine

Plot 31/44A: Brigitte Ascher

Plot 37: Paul Castignetti

Plot 38: Jo Keller

Plot 76: John Waterhouse

Plot 106: Paul Hendrick

Plot 106A: Ruth Hendrick


A new function of newsletter editor was established at the first board meeting and I found myself volunteering for it. It suits my experience but is an interesting departure as in the past I have focused mostly on writing about the super-dry subjects of stock markets and investment funds.

Broadly, I am aiming to produce a newsletter a month to keep you informed without overloading your inbox.

In order to keep the content relevant, I rely on your help. Please contact me with new ideas for initiatives, gardening tips or anything that you think would interest our membership.

My name is Brigitte Ascher at and I work on plots 31 and 44A, right next to the roadways.


  • Keep harvests coming all summer with successional sowings of lettuce and spinach
  • Plant out sweetcorn
  • Sow carrot seeds
  • Early potatoes should be ready to harvest later in June
  • Pick over pea and broad bean plants every couple of days
  • Harden off, then plant out French beans or sow seed straight into the ground
  • Short of space? Grow radishes and beetroot in large pots
  • Avoid empty veggie beds. After harvesting new potatoes sow/plant salad crops or sweetcorn and after broad beans are finished plant dwarf beans or mangetout
  • Cabbage root fly can be a serious pest for brassicas such as cabbages, cauliflowers, Brussels sprouts and broccoli, weakening the plants and causing cauliflowers to produce small heads.  We recommend Vitax cabbage collars which are available at the trading shed. Price £2.30 for a pack of 30 collars. Simple to use. After planting, slide cabbage collars round the stem. As well as protecting your plants, the collars keep the soil around the plant warm and moist to encourage rapid plant establishment


Good news – our stock of top soil in 25kg bags will be replenished on Wednesday this week.

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