Message from the Chair and Board

Dear Plotholders,

A number of plotholders have recently been caused wholly unnecessary concern by false and, frankly, malicious rumours about alleged plans by the Board to change the use of the communal area (plots 3-5). To be absolutely clear, there has been no discussion at the Board at any time over the past year on any change of use of the communal area.

There has been some work done to improve the area, in particular removal of the mound of bonfire residue and rubble which was in the middle of the area. This has now made the area safer for everyone and allowed space for further planting.

What is particularly sad is that some of the people spreading these rumours will in the next breath talk about the need for more community spirit on site. Telling bare-faced lies about the activities of the site’s elected volunteer representatives is a strange way of encouraging such community spirit!

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