New Product – Compost Activator

If you are keen to speed up and increase your composting our Trading Shed now stocks Compost Activator which helps to quickly degrade organic garden material.

Use this fine powder Compost Activator to re-cycle both green and dry plant and vegetable matter, grass cuttings, weeds and shredded woody materials to produce rich dark compost. Compost Activator accelerates the natural decomposition process. In summer this may take as little as 6 weeks. With tougher plant material or in winter, the process may take 6 months or more. When finished your compost will be a crumbly, friable mixture ideal for use around the allotment (or garden at home), raising the soil’s organic content, improving soil work-ability and natural fertility.

Can be used on compost heaps, in compost bins and plastic sacks.

The good news too is our price of £2.00 per 2.5kg pack.

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