New products available now from the Trading Shed

We have some excellent new products to tell you about and they are now in stock at the Trading Shed. As always we aim to offer plot holders prices less than those of retail/online outlets for the same or comparable items.

Clover Multipurpose compost. In response to requests for a lighter weight bag we now stock the 60ltr size. Same high quality contents and only £4.00 per bag.

Clover Ericaceous compost. Some of the finest fruits come from acid-loving berries such as blueberry, cranberry, lingonberry and bilberry varieties; this compost is not just for rhododendrons, camellias, azaleas and heather’s as all grow naturally in acidic soils. Our new 40ltr bags of top quality ericaceous are only £4.00 each. As ericaceous will gradually lose its acidity as it mixes with the soil below keep a bag handy to top up throughout the season.

Vitax Garden lime granules. This is an easy to use product having all the advantages of pellets, yet dispersing readily soon after application. Granular lime neutralises acid soils, improves drainage and eliminates some conditions which damage brassica crops. Available in an easy to store and convenient 3kg pack at only £4.00 each.

Pointalls Potato fertiliser. A reminder that this fantastic value potato fertiliser is available at only £2.00 for a generous bagful. Use it throughout the potato growing season to add nutrients to soil and improve your yield of potatoes.

Agralan Slug killer pellets. Suitable for use with all edible and non-edible crops our new larger size 575g pack for only £4.50.

Agralan Fly/bug traps with hangers. Each pack of this improved product now contains 7 x sticky double sided traps for only £3.50 per pack.

To view our full range of products go to the allotment information page, trading shed dropdown and click on download price list.

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