Precautions & new restrictions to safeguard members

General precautions

  • Wear gloves when opening and closing any gate locks, taps or other communal items
  • Keep sanitiser in your shed and use it regularly
  • Do not wash your hands in water troughs
  • At all times observe ‘social distancing’: 2-3 metres; avoid all direct contact, for example, no handshakes
  • Do not share tools
  • If you display any symptoms of coronavirus, you must stay at home and self-isolate for at least 14 days or until symptoms have passed and follow general NHS and government advice.

New restrictions aimed at safeguarding our members

In the current emergency, allotments provide a wonderful resource to enable us to obtain exercise and fresh air and grow healthy produce.

But this is only so if they are used safely and responsibly.

Our understanding is that access is still allowed under current government regulations but to ensure full compliance with government advice we have to introduce the following new restrictions:

Communal area closed until further notice

The communal area is closed to all until further notice. This is to ensure that people, and children in particular, are not in contact with others thereby avoiding the risk of infecting each other.

Children and other visitors

Any children brought on to the site must be supervised at all times. They are restricted to the allotment holder’s plot only and must not be allowed to roam across the site.

Other visitors should be restricted to one additional adult supervised by and assisting the allotment holder in maintaining the plot.

All this is subject to the general government regulation that gatherings of more than two people (excluding people you live with) are prohibited.

We appreciate the problems parents face in the current situation but this requirement must be strictly observed. If not, we will be forced to consider more stringent restrictions in order to safeguard the health of the general membership.

Toilet closed until further notice

Please be aware that the composting toilet has been padlocked.

The board decided this was necessary because we cannot guarantee the regular, daily cleaning that would be required in the current situation.

We will re-open the toilet as soon as times return to normal.

Order from the trading shed

As you will know, the trading shed is closed until further notice.

To help with your spring gardening, we offer the opportunity to order your products by emailing or phoning 07881 349101.

  • You can pay by bank transfer to Unity Trust Bank, sort code 60-83-01 account 20381877. Please use your name and plot number as reference.
  • Next, you collect your order from outside the trading shed. Talk to us to agree a suitable day for your collection.
  • We ask for a minimum spend of £10 per order and at most one order per allotment holder over the next few weeks.

Below please find the price list. Our prices are very close to what we pay the wholesalers. We make very little profit on our products because we want to price them as attractively as possible.

John Waterhouse is keen to urge to all owners of fruit trees put up moth and maggot traps this year. If we all do this and catch loads of maggots and moths before they can do damage to the fruit, then we will all be better off at harvest time.

These traps are available as are refills for existing traps.

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