New Supplier for the New Year – January News

We now have a new supplier who is able to offer frequent deliveries of horse manure. The manure is delivered and supplied completely free of charge.

Our new wider gates in Nursery Avenue give improved vehicle access and manoeuvrability to facilitate deliveries. Plus the size of vehicle used now enables us to drop consignments at other locations on our site giving greater access and convenience to all plotholders.

As with all stable manure it is amongst the most highly prized of soil improvers, the usual mix of horse dung and fine grade straw and shavings. Tip. It should be well rotted, up to 12 months, before you add it to your soil which will then greatly improve soil structure and drainage. Once rotted it can be dug or forked into the soil or spread over the surface as a mulch and left to the earthworms to carry it underground and mix it with the soil.

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