News from the Trading Shed

We have been busily restocking the trading shed and thanks to your support our stock of many items is moving quickly. Please be reassured that we are reordering to get ahead of demand.

Moth traps

Some fruit trees and leeks are best protected from invasive moths. Moths are the major cause of maggot damage in apples, pears and plums. Fixing a moth trap in place towards the end of May offers great protection. One trap will monitor up to 5 average size trees within a range of 15 metres (50 feet).

Leek moths which also attack members of the onion family fly from early April until late May and again from July until September.

A range of Agralan traps and refills are available at the trading shed. See price list below for full details.

Slug Pellets

We wish to clarify the situation and correct some of the misinformation on the web and on site regarding usage of slug pellets.

From April 2022  slug pellets containing Metaldehyde can no longer be purchased in the UK. At Pointalls we discontinued selling that variety of slug pellets several years ago and switched to organic brands. We only sell slug pellets which contain Ferrous Phosphate  which are approved for organic use in the UK and EU.

We think our organic slug pellets are both more effective and rain resistant. Uneaten pellets eventually dissolve and add their nutrient content to the soil.

Lost keys

Keys were found on Monday close to the Squires Lane gate. If you think they may belong to you or someone you know please get in touch by replying to this email.


Due to more increases in wholesale prices we have adjusted the prices of a small number of products. Below is the latest price list.

BrandProductSizePrice £
CloverMultipurpose compost60ltrs6.50
CloverEricaceous compost75ltrs8.00
WestlandTop soil, screened & blended loam35ltrs5.00
MelcourtSylvaGrow peat free multipurpose compost50ltrs8.00
J A BowersJohn Innes seed compost (loam based)25ltrs4.00
Fertiliser & plant food
J A BowersOrganic farm manure50ltrs5.50
GrowmoreFertiliser & multipurpose plant food25kg27.00
Vitax 6XPelleted chicken manure8kg7.50
LevingtonLiquid tomato feed1.3ltr4.00
WestlandSulphate of potash – new pack size1.5kg4.00
VitaxGarden lime granules3kg3.50
WestlandFish, blood & bone – new pack size1.5kg3.60
Garden lime25kg6.50
Bamboo canes
Bamboo canes (heavy duty)8ft0.80
Bamboo canes5ft0.35
Bamboo canes4ft0.30
Bug & pest control
ProtectSlug killer pellets800g6.00
Growing SuccessNatural bug free spray for fruit & vegetables800g6.00
VitaxCabbage collarsPk302.30
BayerDithane fungicide/bug spray4g1.00
AgralanApple/pear maggot trap (trap, 2x sticky inserts, 2 lures)7.00
AgralanPlum/gages/damsons moth trap (trap, 2x sticky inserts, 2 lures)8.00
AgralanRefills for above (2x sticky inserts, 2 lures)6.00
AgralanLeek moth trap (trap, 2x sticky inserts, 2 lures)6.50
AgralanFly/bug traps & hangers – sticky double sidedPk73.50
ProvantoGreasebands (certified for organic use)1.75m5.50
VitaxCopper mixture175g4.00
GarottaCompost activator3.5kg2.00
CardocGarden twine natural jute200g3.00
Cem-SpecWashed potting/horticultural grit – lime freePk3.00
JobdoneWeedkiller (single sachet)8g1.50
JobdoneWeedkiller (pk 6  x sachets)Pk 6x8g8.50
NetlonPlant tie twists1001.00
Plant labels501.00
Polythene sheet – black4×12.5m25.00
VitaxGreenhouse shading500ml5.50
VariousVegetable & Herb seeds – subject to availability0.50

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