Newsletter August 2021

Fight the blight

Blight is killing tomato plants across the Pointalls site. To stop it spreading any further – and infecting potatoes as well – please remove all blighted material from your plot. Do not put it into the compost heap. Instead bag it up, take it home and put it into the rubbish. That is the only safe way of depositing the material.

Signs of blight are that leaves develop brown patches, curl up, dry out and die. Stems may also show patches and darken and fruits turn brown, shrink and rot.

Charity Veggiebox is back again

The first collection for Charity Veggiebox is on Sunday 1 August.

Please bring your surplus fruit and vegetables to plot 6 next to the communal area every Saturday and Sunday from now on until further notice.

All your donations are taken to either the Felix Project or community kitchens to feed those in need.

To find out more about the initiative, take a look at Charity Veggiebox’s website.

No win for Pointalls

It is definite. We will not win a placing in the annual competition for the best plot in the Barnet area this year.

The reason is that we have not had any entries, unlike last year when we had four entries and plot 116 won third place in Barnet.

Wearing masks in the trading shed

Safety requirements continue to be in operation in our trading shed.

Only one customer at a time is allowed who needs to wear a face mask.

In general, please be courteous and respect others’ adherence to safety and hygiene.

Success with carrots

Unlike myself, this gardener is harvesting lovely carrots. She sowed the seeds in late April and protected the growing plants against carrot flies.

I can confirm that these carrots are much sweeter and more aromatic than anything you buy in a supermarket.

According to John Waterhouse, you can soon sow carrots called Eskimo, one of the most cold tolerant varieties, for harvesting during the winter.

Amendment to regulations

The board has made a small amendment to regulations to give some flexibility in positioning structures on plots.

Regulation 26g will change to: Greenhouses and sheds must be constructed at the end of the plot adjacent to the principal path/roadway or at the discretion of the board.

The change is the addition of “or at the discretion of the board”.

Website full of information on Pointalls

Remember to use our website to find anything you need about Pointalls – it is full of useful information.

  • price list of the trading shed
  • monthly to-do lists
  • growing advice
  • plot sizes and charges
  • and all the newsletters – in case you have mislaid your copy

It is a treasure trove and you can get there by typing or by clicking here

Rose arch at its best

This was the rose arch in mid July – at its best in a year when everything was rather later than usual.

The colour scheme was meant to be red-white-red, the Austrian flag. Somehow it ended up white-red-white, which might be the colours of another country. Who knows…

And some individual examples – including on the very right the famous ‘Peace’ rose variety, planted for Alan.

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