Newsletter March 2020

Wet weather causes delays

The wet weather has caused a delay in mowing the common areas. However, we managed to get the job done in the past two days.

The roadway by Squires Lane was damaged when rain had made the surface particularly unstable. However, the builders who caused the damage have since fixed the roadway.

Coronavirus precautions

There is no escaping warnings about Covid 19 even as a gardener.

We recommend that you wear gloves when you unlock the gates to the allotment. This is entirely in your own interest as these padlocks are the one place on site that are touched by many hands.

Once the water is back on, please remember that the taps should be used with care, ideally wearing gloves.

Site inspections due to re-start in April

Our gardening working group will start their monthly walk-round in April. As you may remember from last year, the focus is on the level of cultivation, keeping pathways mowed and clear, and plots reasonably tidy.

Towards the autumn of last year we noticed a big improvement and we hope we can all continue the good work in 2020. Very importantly, these inspections give us an early notice if an allotment holder is having problems cultivating and allows us to offer help and support.

Tiny beginnings

They don’t look like much right now but these tiny seedlings will grow into tomato plants of the Moneymaker variety.

I hope they will do so in time for the plant sale on 9 May.

My message to you all – get sowing!

Mediation to resolve issues behind court case

In February, two former alloment members issued court proceedings against Pointalls Allotments Ltd in the City of London County Court.

We were placed in a situation where we had no option but to defend your company, Pointalls Allotments Ltd. The case is ongoing and we have instructed a firm of solicitors to act on our behalf.

However, in an attempt to resolve the issues we are entering into mediation with the former members. This will involve a professional mediator and is planned for later this month.

We have a winner

Although Derek is still recovering at home, I managed to convince him to act as judge for the best image in our photo competition. He had the choice of nearly 50 photos, all anonymously submitted to him, and he decided that this one expresses best the purpose of allotmenteering, namely that of  ‘growing your own’.

The winners are Richard and Valli with this picture of their wonderful plot in all its vegetable abundance:

Runner-up is Jo Keller with her selection of goodies:

And I ended in third place with a photo of grapes before harvesting:

We have used these three photos and a lot more to refresh the website. Have a look in a couple of days and let me know what you think of the result.

The prize for first place is on the way to the winners. Not that Richard and Valli need it – they know everything to do with vegetables already -, but it is Carol Klein’s ‘Grow Your Own Veg’.

Congratulations! And thank you to everyone who contributed one of their lovely photos.

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