Newsletter May 2020

Coronavirus restrictions remain in place

Despite the slight change in government guidelines, the social distancing restrictions at Pointalls remain unchanged.

  • Never bring more than one visitor to the allotment
  • Stay on your own plot
  • Do not wander around the site
  • Never get closer than 2-3 metres to anybody else
  • Do not congregate and chat with more than one other person
  • Wear gloves and use hand sanitiser when touching shared surfaces like gates, locks and taps

Topsoil being lost

With every green waste skip that is removed from the plot, we as a community are losing lots of topsoil.

If you are clearing a badly overgrown area, much better to create a heap in the corner of your plot. Then let it rest for one season under cover and the roots will rot down. You are left with topsoil that you can distribute on your beds, costing you exactly nothing.

As it is now, a large proportion of the weight of the green waste skip is not green waste at all, but soil. That is the real waste!

What to do with fuchsias?

You know about borage of course, living in a Pimms country. You might know about apple blossom and war-time fritters.

But do you know about begonia and fuchsia?

I am talking about the fact that in all these cases the flowers are edible. Check out the full list here and get cooking using pretty garnish combined with fine taste.

Be considerate when using shared water taps

When you use your hosepipe for watering, please be aware that your neighbours need to use the same tap. Therefore, please complete your watering in the shortest time possible to give others access.

Personally, if I want to use a tap that is in use, I approach the owner of that hosepipe and ask to be told when they are done. I have found that a very effective way to remind people to get on with their watering.

Grow a little extra for the Charity Veggiebox

You may have read about this in an earlier update, but for those who did not, here is a repeat of the announcement.

Like last year, two of our members, Radhika and Rachael, will again collect spare vegetables this year and deliver them to local charity kitchens.

As it is now time to plan our planting, the Charity Veggiebox project is asking you to think of planting a few extra vegetables that can be donated to the local community at harvest time.

With the impact of the coronavirus more people than ever will rely on charity donations to feed their families. In such times, Radhika and Rachael stress that this project is even more useful than normal.

Mowing on Long Lane Pasture

I noticed that the Long Lane Pasture gardeners are using their ride-on mower. It is good to know that their work continues after their access point has shifted away from the allotment to the other end of the pasture.

Just to inform you, the Pointalls board has written to the pasture more than once with the offer to help ironing out any problems that may exist. We have not heard back from the pasture trustees so far, which I take to mean that all is fine.

Trading shed update

John Waterhouse has been doing a lot of business while garden centres were closed. We would encourage you to continue buying from the trading shed as it is very competitively priced and extremely convenient – with no fee for delivery ever being charged.

There is one item that is no longer available – Growbags. Our supplier has simply run out.

However, the good news is that you can grow tomatoes equally well in the ground. I would argue Growbags are the invention of a savvy marketing department that has very little to do with any gardening prowess.

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