Newsletter October 2019

‘Have Your Say’ meeting on 20 October

All plotholders are welcome to the inaugural ‘Have Your Say’ meeting on Sunday 20 October from 11.30 to 12.30. This is a forum to discuss ideas across our membership. Just turn up at the trading shed.

Board members will be in attendance to discuss ideas and answer your questions. This is planned as the first of a regular series of meetings scheduled every few months.

Random cameras to enhance security

Random cameras to enhance securityIn an effort to improve security and fight burglars, thiefs and vandals, we decided to make use of technology. Roaming cameras will be randomly deployed on the allotment site. There will be CCTV signs at the gates alerting everyone to this new approach.

The cameras record intermittently and we will only view a recording if there is a particular reason to do so. Therefore, it remains most important that you report any problems straight away so we can potentially make use of recordings that may exist. In the end, vigilance by all of us is the best security measure of all.

The cameras are an additional measure to enhance security, the logic behind installing security lights at the Nursery Road entrance (reported in the September newsletter). As regards lights, we continue to investigate a solution for the Squires Lane gate. If you know of any useful information regarding lights that are strong but work without electricity, please get in touch.

Potato thief caught and banned

Talking about security, we have recently had to take action against a potato thief. A man was observed helping himself to newly dug potatoes from a wheelbarrow. Not only that, he returned and did it again.

It turned out the man was not a member but was helping one of our allotment holders. He was banned from the site and the allotment holder was reminded of his responsibility for the behaviour of his guests.

Compost bin on special

  • Transform your plot’s green waste into a valuable and nutrient-rich compost mulch with our special-buy compost bin
  • Exclusive price for Pointalls plotholders
  • Only £17.00 each
  • Large savings compared with retail prices
  • Secure environment for compost, this converter also retains heat and moisture
  • Extra-wide hatch allowing easy removal of the finished compost
  • Wide aperture enables easy filling of the composter
  • Push-fit windproof lid prevents the contents from blowing away
  • Full user guide included
  • Made from recycled plastic, the composter is UV stabilised to prevent degradation
  • Carbon footprint certified by the Carbon Trust
  • Large capacity 330 litres
  • Height 1000mm/diameter 800mm
  • Buying from us means no handling or delivery problems
  • Available now from the trading shed
  • We also sell compost activator to speed up production at only £2.00 for a 2.5kg bag

Donate your surplus vegetables

Until the middle of November, you can donate your excess fruit and vegetables and help homeless people.

Two of our allotment gardeners have been collecting surplus produce and delivering it to a local charity kitchen that cooks meals for the homeless of the neighbourhood. Vegetables are delivered to the charity kitchen every Monday. The scheme will run until the middle of November and start again in the spring.

Rachael and Radhika, and of course the charity kitchen, send their thanks to all those who have already shared their excess produce and supported the initiative.

If you have any crops you would like to donate, please take them to the collection point on plot 6 next to the communal area. You will see the blue boxes under a plum tree.

RHS app to help vegetable growers

For all the computer geeks among us, here is an excellent piece of kit from the RHS. It gives masses of information on fruit and vegetable growing. But what I like best is the monthly calendar.

Click here for a list of all the possible jobs for the month of October.

Newsletters less frequent through the winter

I have had some positive feedback on the newsletters and would like to thank all those who let me know they are enjoying reading them.

With less activity on the allotment in the winter, there is less to report. Therefore, the newsletter will be less frequent. But do not fret, once the spring comes, newsletters will be published every month.

As ever, if you have any ideas on what should be covered, please drop me a line to

Tenant asked to leave

Regrettably, we had to terminate the membership of a plotholder recently for anti-social behaviour.

Not sure whether this is a frog or a toad, but it does look like wildlife. Thanks to Laura De Benedetti for the photo. It will, of course, be entered in our photo competition!

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