Newsletter September 2020

Seed Potatoes & Onion Sets

It’s that time of the year again when we will be promoting next seasons seed potatoes and onion sets. Later this week you will receive full details and prices of available varieties. As a result of coronavirus restrictions and to protect the health and wellbeing of our allotment community we are making a few changes to the ordering and payment processes.

New Product

We now have in stock Solabiol Greasebands which is an easy to use pest barrier especially for fruit trees. Greasebands are a useful addition to the popular Agralan traps (used in spring/summer) which can be applied in autumn/winter to save your fruit trees from climbing and crawling insects, winter moths and caterpillars. Each pack costs £5.50 and contains 1.75 metres of greased band and a roll of cord.

New Price List

A new price list for September has now been published. A few product specifications and prices have changed as well as incorporating new products introduced this year. You can download a copy by visiting our website, click on the allotment information page, click trading shed dropdown and click price list or pick up a copy at the trading shed.
Thank you for supporting the trading shed and contributing to another year of record sales.

Fire Site

Our dedicated burning plot provides a service to all plotholders and for safety and environmental reasons is controlled by our site manager. Materials are burned when the weather conditions permit and importantly when the wind blows smoke away from residential properties. Recently there have been instances of plotholders putting materials on the fire site when the ashes are still warm and reigniting the fire. This is not good for your personal safety, the environment or our neighbours, particularly when the wind changes direction. Therefore we ask that materials are not deposited until it is safe to do so. Thank you for your cooperation.

Covid-19 Update

Hands, Face, Space is the latest simple message from the government to help protect ourselves and others. The following guidelines (and law as appropriate) relate to our site.

When on site and to reduce the risk of catching or spreading coronavirus, try to keep at least 2 metres away from people you do not live with. Social distancing is essential to stop the spread of the virus, as it is more likely to spread when people are close together. An infected person can pass on the virus even if they do not have any symptoms, through talking, breathing, coughing or sneezing.

When with people you do not live with, you should also avoid: physical contact; being close and face-to-face; and shouting or singing close to them. You should also avoid touching things that other people have touched.

Where you cannot stay 2 metres apart you should stay more than 1 metre apart, as well as taking extra steps to stay safe. For example: wear a face mask.

Limits on the number of people you can see socially are changing. From Monday 14 September, when meeting friends and family you do not live with you must not meet in a group of more than 6, indoors or outdoors.

From 14 September – when the new rules apply – it will be against the law to meet people on site you do not live with in a group larger than 6. The police will have the powers to enforce these legal limits, including to issue fines (fixed penalty notice) of £100, doubling for further breaches up to a maximum of £3,200.

In addition to the above our site guidelines we published previously still apply. In particular when opening and closing gates to enter and leave the site and when using water standpipes, please wear gloves. The communal area and toilet remain closed for the time being and preferably send any trading shed orders by email to enable us to organise safe collections.

We ask any plotholders to observe quarantine requirements if returning home from restricted countries listed by the government.

Tomato Blight On Site

If you have signs of tomato blight on the leaves or fruits please take prompt action. Leaves develop brown patches, curl up, dry out and die. Stems may also show patches and darken and fruits turn brown, shrink and rot. Remove all blighted materials immediately from your plot and deposit on the fire site.


There has been an increase in thefts of produce from allotment sites throughout Barnet and surrounding boroughs. Please be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour.

Handy Tips For September On The Plot

  • Order your seed potatoes and onion sets preferably online before 25th October
  • Harvest remaining summer vegetables such as beans, tomatoes, peppers, swedes and first of autumn crops including leeks, pumpkins, maincrop and sweet potatoes
  • Pick late plums, mid season apples and pears, autumn fruiting raspberries
  • Sow oriental and salad leaves
  • Plant spring cabbage and Japanese onion sets to over winter
  • Clear away dead foliage and other plant remains
  • Add everything you can to your compost heap unless signs of disease in which case take infected plant material to the fire site

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