Next Year’s Charges and Changes

Invoices for 2017 rental charges will be issued this month along with payment options. As ever we urge all plotholders to make BACS payments directly from bank to bank.

Although there is a small increase our charges are competitive and continue to represent great value. As a ‘self managed’ organisation we are responsible for the full costs of maintaining, developing and investing in the site. This means we have to ensure there are sufficient funds available for future developments and to keep the site running, as well as meet any unplanned maintenance and improvement costs.

Following your overwhelming support to change our status from society to company we are completing the registration process. Our new name is Pointalls Allotments Limited which will appear across our print and media as we finalise registration.

The change process requires us to issue new Pointalls Allotments Limited tenancy agreements and formal applications for membership. These documents will be sent shortly for you to sign and return to us. At the same time you will receive our latest site regulations which have been revised and updated.

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