November News Extra

Onion Sets – Potential Supply Problem

An important message concerning orders for next season’s onion sets. Many of you have ordered onion sets from the trading shed and also from other suppliers. Our wholesale supplier has informed us of a potential problem with availability of onion sets for spring planting. This year’s extreme weather conditions are the cause resulting in a much reduced yield. We do not know at present if we will receive our bulk order but the prospects are not good.

We have one or two recommendations which you might consider as an alternative.

Onion seeds. Seed packets are readily available in garden centres and online. Our experience of growing onions from seed is that results can be hit and miss. If buying seed we suggest you look for advice or share or seek tips from fellow plotholders.

Onion sets (autumn planting). There is still time to purchase and plant up to the end of December. We have done a web and store search and advise that availability is now limited. Some online suppliers are accepting orders but check what they say about delivery.

Onion sets (spring planting). Online suppliers are accepting orders for delivery early next year. However, alternative varieties may be offered and availability is not guaranteed.

Let us hope we manage to secure our bulk purchase from our usual wholesaler or another supplier. When we have more information we will of course let you know.

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