November News

Dark compost delivery

The next scheduled delivery of dark compost is Monday 4 th December 2017. Delivery will be as usual inside the Nursery Avenue entrance, adjacent to the trading shed. Due to the large size of the delivery vehicle our supplier is unfortunately unable to offload elsewhere on our site. Did you know that?

  • The origin is recycled green waste from household gardens, gardening and landscape contractors, parks, other public areas, nurseries and allotments.
  • Following the recycling process the end product is a low grade dark compost material.
  • The features and benefits include:
  • slow release of nutrient supply
  • helps improve soil structure
  • assists drainage and reduces run off
  • can help plant survival rates
  • reduces soil compaction
  • increases soil micro organisms

Jobs on the plot for November

Do not be deterred by shorter days as there is plenty to do preparing for next year. Here are a few tips and ideas which we hope you will find useful.

Give your soil some attention. When digging incorporate organic matter such as manure or compost which helps control weeds and alters soil properties to improve chances of increased crop yields in the coming year. If your soil has a low pH (soil is acidic) there is a benefit to digging in garden lime to balance the soil condition.

Purchase your supplies of these essential products from our Trading Shed:
60 litres of Horton’s farmyard manure @ £4.00 per bag
60 litres of Clover multipurpose compost @ £4.00 per bag
30 litres of Horton’s top soil @ £4.00 per bag
3kg of Vitax garden lime granules @ £3.50 per pack

An added bonus. Should you purchase a large quantity of these items you will not have to struggle getting them to your plot. Just ask at the Trading Shed and using our electric pallet truck we will deliver your order as close as possible to your plot.

November is a good time to:

  • plant bare root fruit trees and bushes, onions, garlic and rhubarb
  • sow broad beans, cauliflower and winter lettuce
  • plant hardy and colourful winter bedding such as pansies, violas and primulas in pots or hanging baskets

Storage tip. To store root vegetables such as carrots, beetroot, parsnips. Fill a box or planter with dry spent (used) compost and place your vegetables (not touching) in layers. Keep for months in a garden shed or store cupboard.

Security on site

We are evaluating available options to improve site security, your safety and to deter would be thieves. Meanwhile we ask again for everyone to be vigilant and report theft and any suspicious behaviour.  Also, posted on both gates are notices reminding us to deny site access to unauthorised persons and vehicles. We also ask that you do not give your site key to anyone else and if you hire assistance or contractors we suggest they are supervised at all times.

Management Board news

Keep up to date with site activities and developments. From the home page click on management board news and take a look at the key minutes from our regular board meetings.

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