November Newsletter

Hello, it’s Laura posting this month’s news and bringing you up to date with what is going on at Pointalls Allotments. This is the only official Pointalls communication.

First of all I would like to announce that the new fencing and gate alongside the Long Lane/Nursery Avenue entrance is now on order and will be installed soon. This will give us a wider gate with easier access for our deliveries, skips, plotholders vehicles and for emergency services in case they are needed. Most important our site security and personal safety will be enhanced now that the houses are built and their ornamental fence is a bit too low and inadequate for our site security.

We have an architect helping to prepare a plan for new flush toilets to be built near the trading shed. Hopefully, we will come up with a design proposal soon.

You will have noticed that the padlocks on the gates have been refurbished and welded on a chain so that when dropped they should not get damaged.

It is time to dig over and rest our plots for the winter. Sadly, we had our last delivery of council compost and many of us have used it to cover the beds ready for next year’s cultivation.

For those who like overwintering produce it is time to sow broad beans and garlic and onions. I also found last year that instead of covering my beds with plastic it is very useful to grow green manure on them, it keeps the weeds down, the earth nourished and less work in the spring!

You might have heard that a member of Pointalls Allotments has requested us to provide them with some of your personal contact details. The member is Elsie Price (plot 2) who has also indicated that your details will be shared with another member, Marion Lamb (plot 46).

It seems that the two members are seeking a mailing list to facilitate communications with you. They may take us (Pointalls) to court in an attempt to access your data. However, your details are held securely in our plotholders database. To release your personal contact details would be in breach of the General Data Protection Regulations (2018) and our promise made to you to safeguard your personal data.

Of course as an individual you are free to choose who you give your personal contact details. Should you wish to share your details (be aware of security and compliance) with the named individuals it is entirely up to you and you should contact them directly.

We are also receiving comments from plotholders who say they feel intimidated or are uncomfortable being approached on site by one or two members criticising the work of most of the board. It would be a gross dereliction of our duty as elected members if we fail you in not dealing with this matter.

We (the Board) may not always agree (we are not clones) and we may sometimes make decisions which are not popular with some of our members but we wish to assure you of our focus on our plotholders’ interests and the success of the site.

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