October News Extra

Dark Compost Delivery

Please make a diary note that we anticipate the final delivery of dark compost will be made on 29th October.


We are never short of wooden pallets and right now we have a large number on site. We know that many plotholders find it difficult or are unable to take pallets apart. Today, as a service to plotholders we have taken apart a number of pallets; the timber boards are freely available and can be found next to the workshop at the Nursery Avenue entrance. A cautionary note. Please be very careful when moving the timber as many of the boards still have nails which you can easily remove with strong pliers or a claw hammer. And a plea.
Please take only what you need for immediate use.


More thefts of produce have been reported and we noticed an attempt at forced entry and damage to a door of one of the outbuildings close to the trading shed. If you see anything suspicious or have any information please let us know.

New bug spotted on site

Has anyone noticed in the last few weeks that we have been visited by an insect species relatively new to Britain? Nezara viridula or Southern Green Shield Bug, its juvenile stage is very distinctive, dark green to black with four rows of white dots running down its back. In its adult form it looks very much like our native Green Shield Bug. Apparently it’s relatively harmless and sustains itself by sucking sap and has been seen on various types of bean plants. It overwinters in dead vegetation, so the green waste skip and burning may be a useful way of containing it. More information is available on the RHS website.

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