October News Update

Watering & Hosepipes

It might be raining but those veggies need a good drink. The current restriction (from mid September to the year end) on the use of hosepipes has been lifted. That’s good news for the many plotholders with autumn crops and over winter plants to look after. Although it is raining today the outlook for the month is largely dry conditions.

Seed Potatoes & Onion Sets

If you have not yet placed your order for potatoes and onions the last chance is tomorrow (Sunday 7th October). For details of available products and our competitive prices please click on the following link:

Potato and Onion Flyer

How to order

  • Either visit the Trading Shed (Sunday) or if you cannot get there
  • Phone your order to 07756190582 and leave a message or
  • Send your order by email to membership@pointalls.org
  • Let us know what you require and we will take care of your order.

A Few Tips For Looking After Your Plot This Month

  • Move tender plants under cover to overwinter
  • Harvest green tomatoes and put them in a drawer with a banana to ripen.
  • Remove tomato plants and put them on the compost heap or green waste skip
  • Close greenhouse doors and windows at night to keep the warm air inside
  • Tender herbs such as chives, basil and parsley can be transferred into pots and taken indoors to survive the winter and for harvesting. Water only when needed in the morning and avoid the evening as herbs hate soggy roots at night
  • Sow seeds of certain varieties of broad beans, peas, cauliflowers and winter lettuce
  • Harvest remaining maincrop potatoes as waterlogged soil affects the yield
  • Also harvest beetroot, broccoli florets, cape gooseberries, parsnips
  • Stake Brussels sprouts plants to prevent wind rock and check for symptoms of club root (leaves turn yellow and pale)
  • Lift carrots before the first frosts get to them and store for the winter
  • Cut the stems of leeks whenever you need them as they store well in the ground over winter
  • Plant cabbages when seedlings have produced five or six leaves
  • New bare rooted currant bushes can be planted now
  • Plant over winter varieties of garlic and onions
  • Choose a sheltered spot for planting strawberries so that pollinating insects can reach them easily
  • October is a great time to sort out plots, sheds, greenhouses and prepare for the autumn and winter weather

Green Waste Recycling

The use of the green waste skip has so far exceeded expectations and visibly shows how much spent material was previously going up in smoke. We know we are doing something to protect our environment and at the same time turning the waste into commercial compost.

Dark Compost

We understand that some plotholders did not see the following important news item which we posted last month.

We have for many years enjoyed regular and free supplies of dark compost from LEL, a company operated by North London Waste Authority, which is owned by a number of councils including Barnet. Sadly, the composting facility is to close at Edmonton as NLWA are redeveloping the site to increase the amount of residual waste to be processed and turned into energy to help power homes across North London.

We have managed to secure one final delivery of dark compost which should be available in October and we will let you know when we have a confirmed date.

Will dark compost be available in the future? NLWA advise that this material will not be available for the foreseeable future from the Edmonton plant. We do know that domestic green bins and our own on site green waste skip service will continue and contents will be transported to other compost processors outside our area. NLWA advise that the cost of transporting and distributing compost back to north London is prohibitive. We will keep you informed as we receive updates from the supplier.

Stop Press. We are working with Barnet Allotment Federation and following up other potential sources of dark compost.

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