Orders for Potatoes and Onions now ready

All plotholders’ orders for seed potatoes and onion sets are now ready for collection from the Trading Shed. Collections can be made on Sunday mornings between 10am & 12 noon. This year Pink Fir Apple potatoes are unavailable. The good news is that we are offering an excellent replacement, Harlequin, a potato with an excellent pedigree.


  • Harlequin potatoes are grown as early maincrop/second early
  •  Harlequin’s parentage is a combination of Pink Fir Apple and Charlotte varieties
  • Harlequin produces long oval tubers with cream and pink skin
  • Harlequin has a delicate and waxy texture with:
  • Excellent cooking qualities
  • Guaranteed taste sensation
  • Perfect for enjoying hot and cold throughout the summer

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