Reading tips

We all have our favourite books, magazines and other sources of information and the Pointalls Allotments Limited members are no exception. We certainly have some favourites of our own which we are happy to share. If you are someone new to the world of allotments or a seasoned plotholder you may like to dip into some of our reading tips.

Grow your own is a bestselling monthly gardening magazine which features articles and growing tips specifically for allotment plotholders. We like this magazine’s simplified approach to sowing, planting and growing as well as its focus on fruit and vegetables and not forgetting their expert and useful advice. There’s also a free podcast ‘the dirt’ and downloadable guides.

Allotment month by month by Alan Buckingham is an essential book and constant reference guide for all allotmenteers. It’s a handy approach to managing a plot on a monthly basis; what to sow and when to sow; when to plant and how to harvest; care and protect your chosen crops.

The climate change garden by Sally Morgan and Kim Stoddart, addresses as the title suggests, that it is no longer gardening as usual. Kim and Sally look at the current and potential problems ahead and give down to earth advice on how we can work towards a climate resilient plot or garden.

Grow compost by Zia Allaway gives essential know-how and advice for gardening success on how to make your very own compost. The book is a no fuss guide to practical recycling of garden waste. From compost and making your own fertiliser for plants to building and managing your own compost bin. Give your plot a boost and help the planet. At Pointalls we also from time to time hold composting workshops.

Pointalls do not have any commercial relationships with the above media but hope that you might find the links useful.

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