Roaming Dog Issue Resolved

We are pleased to let you know that we have now resolved the problem of the large dog which has been seen roaming around the site during the past few weeks. The dog, a Japanese Akita, which is powerful and has strong hunting instincts was crossing the site in search of prey and finding its way via a fox trail on to the neighbouring Pasture. Clearly in search of foxes. Fortunately, the animal did not attack any plotholders although its large build could be intimidating.

Our site manager successfully tracked the very evasive dog and also found the owner, a nearby resident. We have received assurances that the escape route on the owners property will be sealed (we have taken action on site). Akita’s have an overriding tendency to hunt and are known for their ingenuity in creating and finding escape routes. Should the dog be seen on site again please let us know. Below is a picture of the dog taken on site.

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