Seasonal Bugs On Site

We are very grateful to a conscientious plotholder who has helpfully reported the early arrival of two of our least favourite bugs, namely codling moths and blackfly. The codling moths head for apple and pear trees (and walnuts) whilst blackfly are taking up residence on broad bean plants, particularly those planted during the autumn months. Perhaps these early arrivals are due to the spell of warmer weather and the absence of severe frost.

There is a huge amount of advice available in gardening books and magazines and on the web of course. Some plotholders will have tried and tested ways of dealing with these pests but for many of us here’s what we suggest, act now and protect your fruit and vegetables.

We recommend the Agralan codling moth trap to protect your apple and pear trees. Available from our trading shed the traps and refills are easy to install, just follow the on pack instructions. The traps are RHS endorsed and 1 trap will protect up to 5 trees.

Use a brush to remove small clusters of blackfly before they increase and spread.  A gardeners’ trick is to pinch off the tips of broad bean plants before blackfly appear in order to remove a favourite feeding point. Not only does this address the problem, but it also encourages better growth and development of strong pods.

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