Seed Potatoes and Onion Sets Orders

Good news for plotholders who have ordered seed potatoes and onion sets. Your orders will be ready for collection later this week from the trading shed. Starting on Saturday 20th between 10am and 1pm and at the same times on Sunday 21st.

  • For those of you who ordered the Swift variety of first early potatoes we have made a substitution due to a shortage of Swift tubers following a poor harvest last year. We have replaced Swift with Maris Bard, a heavy cropping first early potato.

Ready to lift early in the season, Maris Bard produces delicious white skinned and white fleshed potatoes. Hailed as one of the best and most reliable, it’s semi-dry flesh makes it ideal for frying, or boiling as a salad potato. Fast growing, protect tubers from frost and harvest from May to July.

A few tips to help you achieve success and great yields from your potatoes:  

As soon as the seed potatoes have been collected you should unpack them and start the chitting (sprouting) process. Place them in a single layer in a seed tray or egg boxes without compost and leave in a light, cool area protected from frost. This can be started about six weeks before you intend to plant them. Early varieties can be planted out under frost fleece protection, but the later varieties should be planted after the worst frosts have passed, this is generally mid March to mid April.

Dig a trench 8 – 13cm deep adding a general purpose fertiliser to the bottom of the trench. Plant the potato tubers in the trenches about 30cm apart, being careful not to knock the shoots off the tubers, and keeping the shoots facing upwards. Then lightly cover with soil. As the plants get to around 20cm tall you need to bank/earth up the soil around the plant, so the soil covers the bottom two thirds of the plant. Watering your plants well will help improve crop yield and discourage potato scab.

Finally, an important reminder when collecting your order please observe current coronavirus regulations. Only one person at a time should enter the trading shed and wearing a face covering. If queuing, please ensure that you maintain a social distance of 2 metres from others.

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