Spring Planting Seed Potatoes – ORDER NOW


Great value 3kilos for only £3.00
For your 2015 seed potatoes orders must be placed at the Trading Shed from Sunday 24th August until Sunday 28th September.

Minimum order 3kg per variety.

Cash only with your order please.


Choose from the following great varieties:

First Early
Arran Pilot – Traditional favourite, white fleshed tubers, firm waxy texture, pleasing flavour

Second Early
Charlotte – Popular salad variety, yellow waxy skinned tubers, yellow flesh, first class flavour

Cara – Oval-round red eyed tubers, moist flesh, excellent disease and drought resistance
Desiree – Most popular red potato, pale yellow firm waxy flesh, good drought resistance
King Edward – Classic variety, creamy white flesh, light floury texture, resistant to scab and slugs
Pink Fir Apple – Old variety, knobbly pink skinned tubers, butter yellow waxy flesh, nutty flavour
Sarpo Mira – Big yield of tasty, floury tubers, blight and slug resistant, weed suppressing foliage

Save £3 and buy a 25kg bag of any single Maincrop variety for £22 per bag
Orders available for collection from February 2015


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