Tips for watering during summer weather

Here are a few top tips we’d like to share about watering during the summer months:

  • Water less frequently
  • Avoid watering in daytime heat
  • Avoid spraying foliage
  • Water base of plants
  • Soak more generously
  • Do not cause puddling on soil surface
  • Excess water can be as damaging to plants as lack of soil water
  • Never water mature trees and fruit trees
  • Water every two weeks – fruit trees on dwarf rootstock
  • Water once a week – vegetables, soft fruit bushes, swelling fruits, potatoes in flower
  •  Water daily – greenhouse and outdoors – seedlings, young plants including tomatoes, cucumber, peas, beans
  •  When soil is moist add thick layer of mulch
  •  Avoid high nitrogen feed
  •  Use high potash feed
  • Reduce evaporation in containers
  • Cover container compost with grit or pebbles
  •  Think about water saving methods such as basin/dish and pot watering
  • Observe our Regulations and look for expert advice

For more advice visit our reading tips page where we give our best recommendations on sites from around the web. We’ve also had some good tips about trees including stump removal and pruning, as well as some general gardening tips from our friends at B & N Treecare.

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